Advertising is all about segmenting, getting best suitable customer to notice you.  Today you show an ad what should fit for all  but it never do.

Showing ads for special segment with details that talks to that specific segment, will rise the possibility that your websites viewers want to go further from your landing page! Our location and language filters will help you to divercify your marketing strategies. They will exponentially increase possibility that your viewer will become your customer.

You are still hesitating?

Put yourself to clients perspective:  Would you like to see an offer "what is ment for all" or "what is ment for You"? If you have two websites what are offering same product or service but one of them is for example just greeting You with Your own native language, wich You would pick? Would you prefer "Fits for all" or "ment for YOU"?  Be honest.
Yes, we thought the same and this is why we developed Addivide.

We welcome you to Addivide - you will be positively surpised.

You can try us without any risk - use our 30 FREE Trial period!

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Now is time to take advantage all addivides possibilites:

What ever You need within our filters range. Just create same size designes to fit to same bannerspace. Addivide divides your ads as You filter them.
They will be showd to your viewres one at a time: first viewer will see First ad design, second will see second design, third will see first design and so on.
You can show more than one ad to same segment: Ads will be changed in every 5 seconds, so You can double Your adcampaigns effectivness.
You can Save more then one adcampaigns. Simply activate them when needed and just change campaigns activationcode in your web.
Our system can work with jpg/png/gif files. Also third party (GoogleAd's etc) links. You can easily add them yourself and no need to bother IT specialist anymore
You can select by period, by ad, by design and see how they have worked for You and  with that You can make Your next campaigns more effective or save them to PDF files and present them on Your next meeting.

We make your life easier, Your work more effective, Your messages more direct and  by that give you a possibility to be even more successful! Would You leave this possibility unused?

Best part is, that AdDivide works with EVERY CMS program what allowes third party HTML code insertion! You can change your web contentmanagement system whenever you want - all your campaigns are stored in our system and ready for usage immediately.

But do not take just our word for it! Try it for yourselves without any risks. You have 30 days of FREE TRIAL period.

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All you need to do is:

- Register
- Choose package: depending on how many banners and features you need to use
- Add your ads:  insert campaign(s), add different designs and segments
- Copy generated link to your webpages HTML section and your segmented campaigns are instantly online
- Manage your ads: If you want to change your designs or segments, just make the changes and save. Easy.
- Get campaign data for presentation purposes: you can see all data for your campaigns and all banners performance.

Enjoy success ... Addivide does the rest!

You have 30 days FREE TRIAL period, so you have plenty of time to test us.

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Q:  How does it work actually? Where do you get information about users?
Everybody marks their language information when they start using their desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Your internet provider will show your IP address what indicates your location, we use it to select showed ads.

Q:   Why is this important to segment ads?
Segmenting helps you to be more successful, you cannot sell your product or services to different locations or to different cultural background in a same way. If you like, then you can prepare different campaigns for different areas or smaller locations, but show banners in the same adspace. When segmented viewer reads your web, our system registers visitor´s location and language and shows specially targeted ad, so there is more possibility to get an inquiry from customer or purchase.

Q:  Can I use multiple segments for same banner?
Yes. There is option to put 2 banner designs for every segmented banner place. While your potential client is reading your websites content, your ads are changing on your banner area in every 5 seconds. So you have 1 banner place with several segments and 2 different ad designs for every segment. So far you had just 1 banner what was showed to every visitor, now you have a direct salesforce in your grasp.

Q:  What is difference between banner and banner area?
Banner area is this campaign area what contains X amount of banners (their amount depends on what type of account you are using).
Banner area is like a 1 campaign containing your banners with segmented ads for this ad campaign.

Q:  If somebody is not my segmented viewer, what will be shown to them?
When you are adding different ads for different segments and different ad designs, you will also have a special ad space for all others where you can add a design that fits for all. So your ad space will be filled all the time: special offers for special segments and for all others a common ad design.

Q:  How can I change banners?
For changing banners you have to log in and go to My Campaigns section, there are all your campaigns. Pick one campaign what contains ad you wish to change, click Edit and opened view will show all ads you have saved for this campaign. Change your ad, if neccessary change segments and Save. On My Campaigns section click on changed campaigns Get Code button, copy it's campaign code and paste it to your web. Now your web shows new banner to visitors.

Q:  How do I know what campaigns I have made already?
When you are creating New Campaign, you have a special row for campaign´s name, so you just have to remember it, nothing more. If you want to delete your campaigns, then just press Delete button on My Campaigns area.

Q:  Where should I copy code Addivide generated?
First, you have to create campaign, add all necessary files and segments and save your campaign. Then go to My Campaigns section, click on Get Code button and copy created code to your webpages HTML/Javascript designated area. You need access to CMS (Content Management System) of your webpage. If you do not have access to your CMS, then ask for this permission from your web administrator or forward this code to administrator for adding this to your website.

Q:  Can I use other adnetworks in your system?
As adnetworks are third parties, we cannot give 100% guarantee, but our tests show that adnetworks links are working within our system.. We have created a special possibility to insert third party code (for example GoogleAds adlink, etc). If you have selected banner, what will be showed in this banner area, then you see a tab on top of the information table named as "insert Third party link". Click on it and copy that link to opened area. This means that you cannot use more segments for this banner, because this will be selected by this third party for you. Also, you need to consider that if you have copied Third party link to our system, then you unfortunately cannot see any statistics and you must rely on their statistics.

Q:  Why there is a possibility to show different ads to one special IP address?
To be honest, it is made just for fun. You can make a special ad or announcement what will be shown for example to your main competitor for stirring things up or just saying Hello to them when they are looking your web for your special information or ads :)

Q:  If I need to get statistics about my campaign, can I get it?
Yes, you can get statistics about every active ad campaign, with information for every banner and every ad and every segment.

Q:  Why do you need my contact information?
We need this for Invoice name and address for invoicing purposes only.

Q:  Is my information safe?
Yes, we will not share your information with any third party. Your information will be used only by us for billing and for addivide.com promotional offers and news.

Q:  How and when will I be invoiced?
You will be invoiced on 1st day of the month and with payment term of 14 days. If there is a Free Trial period in these days or your account is created on center of the month, then you will be invoiced only for those few days, not full month.

Q:  If you introduce new features, need I pay extra for these or are these changes included in monthly fee?
There will be many new features, some of them are improving our systems possibilities (new segment possibility or more ads or ad segments allowed for account, etc) and they are included in monthly fee. But also we are working with features what will help you to be more direct marketer. New apps are under construction already. Some of these are free of charge and some are for extra fee.

Q:  How can I delete account?
If you just want to terminate your account, then simply go to My Setting and press Delete Account.

Q:  If I do not want to continue using Addivide after Free Trial., what happens then?
If you have used your Free Trial period, you will be asked about continuing when you log in next time.  Just press No on our request for starting cooperation. (look also next question for free trial using). If you do not answer us, then we put your campaigns on hold and show our own, addivide.com ads instead. This helps you to remind that your trial period is over and please come and tell us what you have decided to do further - join us or leave us.

Q:  If I am sure that I will continue with Addivide before my Free Trial period ends, can I say Yes earlier? Do I lose then remaining free of charge days?
Yes, you can confirm to use our services before trial days runs out, but you will be not charged for these days. In any case, you can fully use every day of Free Trial period, but we really appreciate your early decision.

Q:  If my Free Trial period has finished, can I make a new account and use again Free Trial?
When you are registering account, you have to let us also know domain name or names of your website (depend what type of account you are choosing on registering). When your Free Trial ends and you choose not to continue with us, then your domain name will be saved to our database as "Free Trial used". Next time you can use Free Trial after 12 months. If you decide that you still want to use our system and make a new account with us, you will be reminded that you have already used your Free Trial period and you will start as customer and invoiced from first day.

Q:  If I have several domains in my use, do I have to make an account for every domain separately?
If you want to manage ads for several domains in same account, then you need to choose a larger package that enables this option. But, yes, you can make a different accounts for every domain separately too.

Q:  If I like your possibilities, but we have a need for different package (more domains, or more segments, or maybe some help with creating us our specially modified account), can we get it or are the accounts fixed?
If you have special request, then contact us and let us know what you exactly. Our professional staff will create for you a special account and will make price calculation for this type account.

Q:  If I use smallest account and upgrade it to larger account, can I later downgrade again to smaller account?
Unfortunately you cannot downgrade. Downgrade means less possibilities and less domains or less ad designs etc, so it would mean that we have to delete some of your upgraded account possibilities/files etc. We cannot do this, because we might delete something important to you. So, please, be very sure that you wish to upgrade, because later you can do this only by deleting your current account and creating a new account. In that case your domain name has already used on it's "Free Trial" period, you will be invoiced from first day and same goes to all other domain names what you have inserted into your upgraded account earlier. 

Q:  If I do not pay Addivide invoice?
  We will send notification via email and remind about outstanding invoices. If you do not commit your agreements, then we will have to close your account in 30 days period from latest invoice date. If you wish to open your account again some times later, you have to pay this unpaid bill first and also for time between locking and reopening Your account. Also, you cannot choose monthly payments for next 12 months and will be billed for next 12 months period advance. Good thing is that you will get 13th month for free as all other customers, who pay for all 12 months in advance.
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